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Jun 2, 2011
7" : a video compilation by KAZUYA TAKAGAWA, 5 June - 3 July 2011

Dalam kunjungan risetnya ke Bandung, sungguh beruntung Videolab dikenalkan Kazuya Takagawa oleh Wiyoga Muhardanto dengan beberapa karya video yang akan dia putar. Maka untuk program video screening 7" bulan Juni - Juli 2011 ini akan memutar tiga (3) karya video dari Kazuya Takagawa;
1. 「Realizing a straight line」
2010    video 12mins

For me, a straight line is something that can only exist in theory. This video is a documentary of the process I used to try to realize a straight  line. I decided to go straight to Tokyo Zokei university from Aihara station. Inevitably, my efforts were compromised by many difficulties such as forests, mountains, etc

「Pastiche of a film 」 2010 video 9mins

I made a pastiche of a scene from the film  "One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest". I replaced  real human relationship from on the script. I went to the small town Odate and played the role of the protagonist. In the story the character acts psychotic, so that he can go to a mental institution instead of a prison.  The local people in Odate assumed the roles of the patients in the mental hospital. In the scene I shot, my character didn't have any lines and so I was not just a bystander in the context of the project, but also in the film's narrative itself.

3.「Reproduction of a scene」 2011  video 6mins

This work copies a single scene from a TV drama that was uploaded on to a video sharing website. Users of the website can see the isolated scene  without having to view the film in its entirety. Viewing the clip in this way  can open up new readings of the film outside of its original intended form. Using websites like Amazon, it's possible for people to interpret or construct the story of a book simply reading a review of it. For this work, I reproduced a scene from a TV drama without watching the whole film. By reproducing the scene in my own way, a different version of the same narrative emerged.

Kazuya statement;

The ideals we have are often limited by a combination of different factors such as place, time, money, law, morals etc, resulting in a different reality from the one we initially envision. That these factors also impact upon one's artistic practice is inevitable. However, rather than take that as a negative thing, I think it can alter my practice in a way that could be seen as positive.

That is to say, whilst trying to simultaneously conceal the disparity that exists between the ideal and the reality, it is also possible to hope for the resulting disparity. This may seem paradoxical, but it can also be seen as an approach that compromises without avoiding the roles we play.
For me, if both the positions of the 'programmer' (establishing an ideal) and the 'player' (realizing an ideal) were to be carried out simulatenously (the programmer creates a goal and the player obediently work towards it, or rather the programmer constructs a goal in response to the player's demands), I wonder if it would become a type of charade. In order to avoid that, the programmer would presents goals that were made in response to the player. Similarly the player should voice his objections, or rather, an 'arena' where a new proposal can be put forward is necessary.

I have no intention at all to deny the contradictions within my position/approach. Rather, I want to find an arena where the contradictions can be preserved.


Karya-karya Kazuya Takagawa sangat menarik untuk dicermati, ia menggunakan medium video sebagai media reka ulang terhadap segala hal yang ideal dan
kenyataan, seperti dalam salah satu karya videonya " Realizing a Straight Line", Kazuya mencoba membuktikan sebuah garis lurus dalam peta mengenai jarak dan arah dari Aihara Station, tempat ia tinggal menuju Tokyo University, dimana studio tempat ia belajar. Dalam kenyataannya garis lurus itu tidak semata-mata lurus, tetapi dilalui dengan jalan yang berkelok-kelok dan untuk membuktikan 'garis lurus' tersebut ia bertemu dengan banyak negosiasi pada beberapa hal. Begitu juga dengan karya yang lain seperti " Pastiche of a film " ketika ia mereka ulang adegan film " "One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest" yang dimainkan oleh orang-orang Jepang yang tidak mengerti Bahasa Inggris.

Kazuya Takagawa lahir di Kumamoto, Jepang Selatan pada tahun 1986. Saat ini sedang menjalani studi Master di Tokyo Arts University. Beberapa pameran dan proyek seni yang telah diikutinya adalah Yarimizu Rendezvous/ Kanagawa (2007), WATARASE Art Project 2007/Gunma, WATARASE Art Project 2008 / Gunma, Contenue art project 2008 / Nigata, AIHARA OYAMA Art project / Tokyo (2008), Cabbage Patch Gallery / Kanagawa (2009), Contenue art project 2009 / Nigata, "Students would not be a party argues that the inevitability of life" / Kichijoji (2009), ZOKEI Exhibition / Tokyo (2010), 0DATE Art Project / Akita Odatecity (2010), Self knowledge conplex / Kagurazaka (2010), " AT THIS JUNCTURE " / Tokyo / 3331 Arts Chiyoda (2011). Saat ini ia berkunjung ke Bandung untuk riset mengenai seni media baru, ia adalah teman Wiyoga Muhardanto, seniman muda Bandung yang pada awal 2011 menjalani residensi di Jepang.

Mari lihat videonya di perpustakaan kami!
Salam hangat,

Herra Pahlasari

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